Ronnie Daliyo

Ronnie Daliyo

Ronnie Daliyo is an inspiring and powerful traditional Zimbabwean dancer and musician.  He was a principal dancer and musician with Mhembero Dance Company in Zimbabwe for 10 years.  He has performed and taught around the world, including in Zimbabwe, China, Canada, and the United States.  Ronnie first came to the Bay Area in 2005, and returned in 2007 as the artist-in-residence with the Chinyakare Ensemble.  He has toured the US and has been a workshop instructor in Oakland, at the Zimbabwean Music Festival, the Mosaic Men’s Retreat in Mendocino, and many other schools and studios across the country.  He performed with the San Francisco Wold Music Festival in their November 2014 installation of The War Project.  Ronnie currently resides in Oakland, California, where he teaches marimba classes and continues to perform with the Chinyakare Ensemble as a dancer and musician.

You can contact Ronnie here.


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