Zimbabwean Music

cropped-ronnie_muchongoyo_costume1.jpgThe music and dance of Zimbabwe is very unique and energetic.  The songs and dances tell stories of everyday life, many of which are proverbs that can be applied to situations that everyone experiences.  The music is meant to be shared and audience members are encouraged to participate.

Learn to play powerful music from Zimbabwe on marimbas; large wooden xylophones played with mallets.  These kinds of marimbas were developed in Zimbabwe to play the music of the many different cultural groups who live there.  A marimba ensemble has four different sizes of marimba: soprano, tenor, baritone and bass, plus hand rattles and vocals.

Gumboot dance is a form of dance percussion that originated with dockworkers and spread to the mineworkers in Zimbabwe and South Africa.  They then brought the dance to their villages, where local variations developed.  The dance is often performed by groups, but can be done alone.  The boots are stamped on the ground in a polyrhythmic pattern similar to drumming.  The boots, knees, and thighs are slapped for added percussion.

Ronnie Daliyo is available to teach workshops and classes in dance, drumming, marimba, mbira (thumb piano) and vocals.  He is also available to give demonstrations and lectures on Zimbabwean music, dance, and culture.

You can contact Ronnie here


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